The following services may be requested. All Records Management services not specifically listed on the Schedule A will be charged at Iron Mountain’s then current rates. Call Customer Response for more information.

Complete Update Report, Scheduled – The service of producing and distributing an annual hardcopy inventory report for customers who are set up to receive this information. To avoid the charge for this service, customers may obtain the information themselves using Iron Mountain Connect’s Report Center.

Computer Record Change – The service provided by Iron Mountain data entry personnel as requested by the customer to update Item metadata after Receiving and Entry. The metadata changes could be at the File or Carton level and are charged per update.

Computer Search, Online – The service in which Iron Mountain customer service representatives assist the customer in searching the SafeKeeperPLUS database for a particular Carton or File. This service is billed per Item returned in the search.Lån 1000 Kr No charge is imposed if the customer performs the search using Iron Mountain Connect.

Fax – The act of faxing a document or group of documents as an alternative delivery mechanism for a Retrieval Order as requested by the customer. The service includes Retrieval and may include other services such as Photocopying for which separate charges will be assessed. This service is billed per page plus Retrieval charge.